My Premier Credit Card

First Premier Bank has definitely got more than its share of enemies that's for sure. There are more people who are likely to hate this bank and the My Premier Credit Card than those who actually love and appreciate it. However, we can really understand both sides. We understand that having such a high APR and fees is quite ridiculous. We also understand that for some people that have really literally no other options that they will do their best to work their way through financial by using the My Premier Credit Card. This happens to be the way that people end up getting taken advantage of just because they are looking for a way out of trouble that they step into more trouble at times. When you don't see any other way out sometimes, you do anything to try to get out.

First off with the My Premier Credit Card is that you are going to have to pay all of the processing and everything for your My Premier Credit Card. This is just the first way of them showing us that if we want to get out of trouble we will pay a great price. They will also in turn give you a very small credit limit. This is another way of not getting you into too much trouble right away as the My Premier Credit Card is meant to help those who are usually having a lot of trouble with larger or even small card balances.


Any time you have a card like this one that has such high interest, you are going to find more haters of it online than anything. That just seems to be something like the industry standard when it comes to that. There are so many claiming as though they were deceived about what to expect with their My Premier Credit Card yet they have the full contract available online and/or at home with the mailing they received regarding the My Premier Credit Card. It just seems that if people really took their credit seriously there would be fewer complaints just because more people would be reading their contracts to begin with. We're not trying to say that they are wrong for hating a company like this one that is providing such a high APR. What were are saying is that if they are going to complain, they could have at least gone over the contract and the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb before ever signing up in the first place.

We just really have to advise that when it comes to the My Premier Credit Card you not expect for someone to tell you everything about the contract when you have it available to go over for yourself. After all, this is your credit score and rating we are talking about here. If you won't become more proactive regarding your own credit score, how can anything anyone else says actually help you? Check out the My Premier Credit Card terms and conditions. Though the APR and fees may be high, there are actually many others who have learned how to read and know how to take advantage of the My Premier Credit Card to their benefit instead of the demise of their credit score.